Multi-lingual Knitting Tech Editor

I’m on a mission to turn knitting patterns into rockstars!

As a designer with a knitting pattern you want to sell, you want people to love your patterns.  Well, so do I!

Patterns I love are always error-free & easy to understand, guiding me clearly from start to finish. They are a joy to work through, and give me the finished item that I was expecting.

I believe every pattern can be like this.  Will you join me on this?

Let’s team up!

You pour your heart into your craft; I make sure everyone can see it at its best.

We work together, each bringing our own strengths to the table, to make your pattern the best it can be.

You come up with the design; I make sure your pattern ticks all the boxes.

And every pattern we work on makes me a better editor for you, and you a better designer.

A client’s perspective

Since working with you I’ve had happy test knitters and accurate patterns. – Janukke Strickdesign

View Jana’s case study for greater insight into how we work together (PDF, 500 words, 1.8MB)

My customers have often given me feedback that my patterns are well written and I have James to thank for that. He does find everything with his eagle eyes! – Knitway Sweden

It’s time to talk specifics

I will pore over every detail of your knitting pattern to make sure it is accurate and accessible.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • gauge – does it match your schematic and stitch/row counts?
  • garment sizing – do they match your schematic, and are they reasonable?
  • charts – do they match the instructions, have a complete key?
  • instructions – are they clear, consistent, and readable?
  • images – is what you see what you get?
  • layout – does the knitter know where to look and what everything means?

Then I will give you complete and thorough feedback, with clear explanations and suggestions where applicable. You’ll have everything you need to transform your pattern and feel confident about sending it out into the world.

Do you offer other services?

I do! My other services include:

  • Ghostwriting – for when you’ve got more ideas than time to write them up. It includes the same thorough vetting as my normal tech edits, all written to match your current style.
  • Layout design – so that the pattern is presented in the best way possible to help knitters read and access all the information you provide.
  • Technical Translation – if you want the pattern details offered in another language, I can translate them for you. I don’t translate romance text however, as that is a specialised skill.

If you want more information about any of these services, just send me a message!

How to pick a Tech Editor

A good Tech Editor is the one that fits you.  It’s all about our relationship, how well we work together, and whether I have the skills you need for your patterns.

  • Does reading this page make you smile or cringe?  That should tell you something to start with!
  • Do you have patterns in multiple languages?  I can tech edit patterns in English, Swedish, German and French.
  • Do you want help with the numbers?  I absolutely love numbers and puzzles, I’ve been playing with them my whole life.
  • Do you want to feel confident that your pattern makes sense?  Making complex ideas make sense has been my bread and butter for years.
  • Do you have English as a second (or third) language? I specialise in working with non-native English speakers.

How long does it take?

When we agree to work on a pattern together, I will schedule in your edit and let you know the date that I will return the edit to you.  Time scales vary from 3 days to 1 week.

What does it cost?

My rate is £20 per hour, and I charge in blocks of 0.1 hours.

I’m interested!  What do I do?

Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you, whatever the circumstances – you don’t need to be ready with pattern in hand.  Just say hi and we’ll go from there.  You can:

 fill in the contact form below

email me: james [at]

say hi on ravelry: my profile name is DancingGeek