• Jem Arrowsmith
    I want to thank you for all of your help with my patterns, I have been really impressed with your service and advice and I won't hesitate to recommend your services to other designers.
    Jem Arrowsmith
    Under the Olive Tree knits
  • Julia Adams
    Thank you for getting my instructions really easy to understand. I get really good feedback: 'Julia’s pattern and instructions are SO clear and well written ... [her] instructions were a dream'
    Julia Adams
    Julia Adams Designs
  • Anna Friberg
    My customers have often given me feedback that my patterns are well written and I have James to thank for that. He does find everything with his eagle eyes!
    Anna Friberg
    Knitway Sweden
  • Sabrina Schumacher
    I have learned a lot by working with you, which in turn has a positive effect on my pattern writing style. You see things others can't and your communication is clear and transparent.
  • Rike Pacholleck
    Your feedback was wonderfully clear and well formulated and factually perfect! (Translated from German)
  • Heike Campbell [Ravelry]
    The quality of my patterns has improved considerably with your editing. There are almost no enquiries asking for help with the instructions.
    Heike Campbell [Ravelry]
    Heike Campbell Designs
  • Claudia Eisenkolb
    It's always a pleasure to work with you, your expertise is highly appreciated.
    Claudia Eisenkolb
    Himawari Knits
  • Jana Huck
    I appreciate to no end that you are always happy to answer my many questions. It is fun to work with you.
    Jana Huck
    Janukke Strickdesign
  • Zsuzsanna Orthodoxou
    Everything was very clear. Thank you again for the always thorough editing!
    Zsuzsanna Orthodoxou
    Zsuzsanna Orthodoxou Designs
  • Yuki Ueda
    I learn a lot from your editing every time. Thank you so much!
    Yuki Ueda


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